You love widgets but you never know how to choose and position them wisely to get the maximum out of your sales? Alright, we’re here to help.

Which widgets can I choose?

In general we offer various tools that can be integrated into your blog. The widgets we already configured for you are the top six that proved themselves as the best widgets having been tested over years. Very easily, you can also individualize each widget for your personal blog design.

And these are the widgets by tracdelight:


How can I integrate widgets in a smart way?

When integrating your widgets into content we recommend putting the tool above the text – which means right at the beginning of your blog post, underneath the headline. Doing that, your widget becomes more visible and the click rate increases 30 %.



How do I decide the order of the products?

Not only the selection and position of the right widgets matter. A clever selection and order of your chosen products is essential as well. And now listen carefully: The first product you show, always gets the highest click rate and the most sales so that the first place on the left side of the first row is THE place to be for your items.


As the first place in the front row is that desirable, you should give it to products that guarantee you the highest PPC (=pay per click) or PPS (pay per sale). So if you, for example, place a product of the About You shop there, you will receive 24% commission on each count of your users. And that’s why it’s a loss when you chose any place on the middle or bottom of your widget for the bestselling product, respectively shop, because there, your readers won’t be willing to click as often as on the top.


Also, our experience shows that all eyecatching products get much more attention and click rates than the basic ones. So it’s not a surprise that we recommend to put these highlights at first place. (The InStyle clipping is a good example here as well.) Your users will like to click on them more frequently and this means a higher chance for you that they shop and generate sales for you. And if your followers are directed to a shop where they can also buy inexpensive products that are shopped much faster than the pricy ones and where they can additionally put a pair of shoes, a lipstick or a vase in their shopping cart – the better!

In case sometimes you’re not sure which product your readers like the most, you can modify the settings under “show advanced settings” by selecting the box “optimize product order according to CTR”. For that the most popular products will appear in the front row of your widget:


One last reminder from our side: You should always always watch out for shops that perform best in your statistics. ( Doing that you guarantee yourself the most money with the least effort :)