You've seen the terms PPC, PPS, CPC or CPO flying around in the internet but you think thats just a random collection of letters? Well, let me tell you that it's actually quite a good idea to know the difference between those fancy acronyms.

PPC/CPC and PPS/CPO are actually two difference models of how shops pay you in affiliate marketing.

  • PPC/CPC - means Price per Click or Cost per Click and tells you that your advertiser partner will pay you a certain amount for every click that one of your reader makes on your affiliate links.

    Example: You have postet an article with affiliate links of a shop that pays you 0,15€ PPC. If 10 people click on this link, you will earn 1,50€.

  • PPS/CPO - means Pay per Sale or Cost per Order. This model pays you according to the value of the shopping basket of your reader.

    Example: You have a post with affiliate links of a shop that pays you 10% PPS. If one of your reader now buys something in this shop with a total amount of 100€, you will earn 10€ commission.

At tracdelight, you will find both commission models. But please note that a shop only pays you either per click or per sale. You can see that commission model and the amount of the commission in your partner management. Click on the little blue 'i' button to see more details.