We have released a brand new feature for our Stores tool called "autofill". With autofilling you now have the chance to create a custom shop for your website that includes all products of your partner shops. See an awesome example on Skinnycature.

And here is how you can create your own:

  1. Log into your tracdelight account and click on Create new Store. Next, choose the autofilling layout and determine the settings for your shop (title, font style, font color, button color etc.)
    2. In step 3, choose Autofill your Store to get to the autofilling filters. If you set the first switch to Use autofill, all available products of your partnershops will show up in your Store. However, you have the possibility to filter exactly the products you want. To do that, switch on Set filters and select in the dropdown where you want to filter. You can set filters for categories, Shops, Brands, Gender and Age Groups. 3. Simply check the checkbox next to every category, shop, brand etc. that you wish to have in your store.

If you wish to precisely pick which products appear on your Stores start page, you can switch now to Handpick your products and add all products that you wish to see first in your Store. Handpicked products will always appear first, the rest will be filled up by the autofilling automatism.

Click on Save and show code to get your HTML-code that you can implement on your website. See video tutorials on the implementation pages for some guidance.

And this is how it could look like: