Great news: Pinterest now allows the usage of affiliate links on their platform. Which means that you can now pin product recommendations to your pinboards and earn a commission if one of your followers buys a product you pinned.

However, it is important that you are using tracdelight tracking links in order to be able to receive the commission.

Log in to tracdelight and choose a product you want to pin to pinterest. Click on the product image to reach the detail page. Click here on "Shop at XYZ" and it will lead you to the according online shop.

Pin the product to one of your pinboards on Pinterest.

Go to the pinterest board that includes your newly pinned product and click on the Edit button.

Now go back to the product detail page on and copy the tracking link. Exchange this link with the link in your Pinterest pin and don't forget to save.

To confirmed that it worked, open up your pin again. It should show the tracdelight domain


Make sure you are using your Social Media account to pin to Pinterest. If you don't have one yet, please contact us at