Quality vs Money

Whenever we talk to bloggers, we hear the same thing over and over again:

I would love to make money with my blog, but all options I have are screwing the quality of my content

This sucks, especially as it's true.

If you ever tried Google Adsense or even blinking banners, you experienced how bad you feel about the impression it creates on your blog. It's just not a good solution, but it's working. Accept it and earn your dollars.

You can try to get advertising deals with brands you care about and start writing sponsored posts. As long as you keep them in your style, your fans are likely to accept them. However, getting deals is tough.

We are acquiring exclusive deals for some of our bloggers and the amount of effort from idea to publishing is immense. We have a team of specialists that work on these deals for weeks. It's not like calling Gucci and they send you some bags and ask for nice pictures on your blog. So as long as you are not the rising star of the blogger scene, those deals are not easily coming to you.

Luckily, there is one thing that is always working: great products your readers love.

Imagine you are an online shops (e.g. Net-a-porter). How would you like it if someone sends people to your site that love to read about fashion and deeply care about what they wear. Of course, you love it! And even more likely, you are willing to pay for this. Some people call this affiliate marketing, simply spoken, it's nothing else than you and your blogger doing marketing for a partner.

How's that working?

At its core, it's as easy as you getting a contract with every online shop you like and sending users from your blog to the shop. Of course, neither you, nor every online shop wants to individually negotiate every deal.

That's why networks exist. Networks are platforms that make it much easier for you to get in a relationship with an online shop (i.e. advertiser). Often it's as easy as clicking a single button and waiting to be accepted by the shop.

Once accepted you get access to links to use on your blog that will make money. Everything else is taken care of: tracking, statistics, payment etc.


There are various networks out there. From very broad general networks (e.g. Zanox) to those that are specialised on a certain field (e.g. tracdelight for fashion bloggers).

You should choose your network based on these three criteria:
1. Advertisers: Do they have partnerships with the online shops I care about?

2. Rates: How good are the conditions they have?

3. Tools: What ways to bring products on my site do they offer?

For rates it's important that you understand the two most basic ways of earning money with products. Either the shop participates you in the money he earned with a sale. This means, you will get a certain percentage of the sales volume one of your readers created. This is called pay-per-sale (PPS). Else you are directly paid for every single click you send to an advertiser (similar to Google Adsense). This is called pay-per-click (PPC).

Tools are a more complex story. At first you should try to figure out how easy it is to get a link that will earn money. Almost every network will offer you a link converter. These converters allow you to find a product on the web, copy its link and convert it into a trackable link that will earn you money.

In addition to this, some networks will offer you basically a shop interface that visually allows you to quickly search for products and get their links. With such a tool, creating some great content for your reader is, of course, much faster and convenient.

Yet, some networks even go a step further and give you tools that make it easy to create nice visual elements for you blog with just a few clicks.

Here at tracdelight, we deeply care about such tools as we see them as the best way to bring products to your readers without looking like advertisement. Here are a few examples:

Build styles

Make your outfit shopable

Show your favorite products

Explain trends

If you are curious, just quickly apply at and we will help you bringing your blog to the next level.