Your everyday life as a blogger doesn't only include awesome photos, great texts and uncovering the newest trends but also technical know how and a detailed knowledge of your numbers and traffic. For going even further into detail of your tracdeligth statistics, I want to show you how you can evaluate your tracking links one by one.
To do this, you can add so called subID's to your tracking links.

This is how you do it with tracking links from the Editorial Shopping:

This how it works with Link Generator Links:

PLEASE NOTE: You can only add subID's to links from your shop area within tracdelight or the link generator tool. All links need to begin with You cannot use subID's in widgets or style collages.

As soon as your link has been clicked at least once, you can see it in your tracdelight statistics. Go to your statistics within your account and click on more filters. Choose now in the dropdown menu the accodring parameter.

Once you clicked show, you will see in the statistics below only the numbers of this specific link. This can help you to find out what your readers like to click and buy, which links work best or which product category you should feature more often in the future.