Did you notice the little hearts next to a product image? And you wonder what you can do with them?
Let me explain...
We figuered while browsing through your tracdelight account, you would find a lot of products you like but cannot use right now. That's why we set the favorites list live on which you can save all your favorite products for later.

Here is how:

1. To save a product, just click on the little heart icon in the upper right corner of a product image. If you don't choose a specific list to save it on, it will be saved to your default Favorites.

2. Find all your hearted products by clicking on the Favorites tab in the shopping menu.

3. In the Favorites tab you can create your own lists. Just type in the name of your list and click +.

4. You can also move or copy a product to another list or delete it altogether.

5. You want to have those products in a widget? Just click Create widget from list to import them right into the widget creator.