Christmas is coming closer and closer. And it's about time to start publishing articles that fit into the holiday season. An oldie but goodie that we spot each year on numerous blogs are the gift guides. I myself have already found quite a lot of gift ideas through bloggers like you so keep them coming!

But for this year, maybe think of a gift guide strategy that is a little more special than "gifts for mom". So here are a few ideas and inspirations coming your way:

  • Gift guides that don't break your wallet: Create budget friendly giftguides with gifts for under 20€, under 50€ or under 100€
  • Be product specific: How about you show different pajamas for mom, dad, boyfriend or sister.

And here are a couple more ideas:

  • Gift guide with only eco friendly products
  • Gift guide for people with pets (think leashes, food bowls, dog beds...)
  • Gift guide with scarfs for the whole family
  • The perfect coffee cups for everybody

To give your make gift guides pemantently available for your readers during the festive season, link them all in your menu. That way it is always visible and might get clicked a couple times more.

To create the perfect giftguide, use our new stores tool. The advantages here are that you can add as many or as little products as you want while including your own note for each and every gift idea that you show. Find detailed instructions on how to create a Store here.