Do yout want to create something special for your next blog post? Our tip: Use the Style tag tool to create a custom collage like that.

Here is how

I have created a collage that features a beach outfit on sale. All products link out to the according online shop.

  • Browse through your Editorial Shop and put all products you want to use in Favorites list.

  • Go into your list and click on a product to reach the product detail page. Perform a right click on the product image to save it onto your computer.

  • I have downloaded a palm tree photo from to give my collage a special touch.

  • Arrange your picture and products into a collage (I have used photoshop, but you can also use Paint, Picmonkey or any other tool you're familiar with). Save your picture as a jpg file.

  • Create a tag that is transparent. Your tag should be 25x25 pixels big.

  • Login to tracdelight and click on Create new Style. Choose the Style tag layout.

  • Upload your transparent tag and your collage image.

  • Tag the products from your favorites list with your collage.

    Et voilá!