Since the freeware does not support our widgets and styles (note: this is NOT the case if you use as your CMS), you unfortunately cannot use those tools to display the products you like. However, this doesn't mean that you cannot display products at all. Just download the product images and link them with the tracking link to direkt your users to the shop and earn money through commissions.

Here is how

  • Go to your Editorial Shopping and search for a product you want to promote.

  • Click on the product image to reach the detail page. Perform a right click on the product to save the image to your computer.

  • Next, copy the tracking link from the same page.

  • Go to your blog post and insert the product image.

  • Click on the image and then on the link icon in the tool bar. Insert the tracking link you've just copied where it says "URL" and click "add link".