With our new Styles tool, you now have the possibility to upload your own image and tag your outfit with products that link right to the product detail page within the according online shop.

How to create a Style Tag

Click on Create new Style

Choose the layout Style Tag

Determine your settings

  1. Name your Style so you can find it again later within your account
  2. Enter a title if you wish to have a title displayed later above your style. If you don't want a title, simply leave the field empty
  3. Enter a width if you don't want to use the size of your uploaded image

Advanced settings

  1. Determine the color of your tag and button by clicking on the color field
  2. Determine also the font color and family that you wish to use in your collage
  3. Check the checkbox if you wish to show tags on your collage. You are also able to upload your own icon here
  4. Check the checkbox if you wish to display textlinks underneath your collage

Upload your image

Add the image that you wish to tag in step 3

Choose products

Add products from one of your favorites lists or search for some in the Editorial Shopping. Simply click on the product image to add it to your Style.

Position your products

  1. All products that you picked will be lined up on top of your uploaded image
  2. Position your products by dragging and dropping them to where you want to have your tags later on

Edit your textlinks

If you decided to show textlinks underneath your Style, you are now able to edit them.

  1. Click on the little pen icon next to the textlink
  2. Type in your textlink of choice
  3. Click the check to save your textlink

Save your collage

Lastly, you can see your finished Style Tag when clicking the preview button. If you are happy with it, click Save and show code to get led to the integration site.

Video tutorial

You can also watch our video tutorial here to learn how to create a Style Tag (skip to minute 3:30)