You have two ways of integrating a widget or store into an article. Here are both ways explained.

Optimal integration:

This method consists of two lines of code. A Javascript and an HTML

1.The Javascript needs to be implemented into the header of your websites' template (paste it right before the closing headtag
< /head >).
Watch our video tutorial with detailed instructions for Blogspot and Wordpress.

Please note! You only need to do this once for your account. Once the code is in the header, it works for the Widgets and the Stores.

2.The second part of the code (HTML) includes the details for your widget or store and needs to be included in your article or blogpost. This line of code is the only thing that changes with every widget or store. So if you've implemented the Javascript code as described above, you only need to copy the second line of code from now on.

Please note! The code needs to be pasted in the HTML version of your article or blogpost. So switch your article CMS to the "Text" or "HTML" version.

Easy integration

The quicker and easier method to integrate a Widget or Store doesn't need the Javascript in the header. However, if you use this method please keep in mind that the widgets and stores load a little slower.
Here is how to integrate it:
Simply copy the complete code and paste it in the HTML or TEXT version of your CMS.