To kick off the new year right, we have released a tool that we hope will be a great time saver for you.

The tracdelight plugin is available for all Chrome browsers and lets you copy a tracking link right from your browser. You don't have to log into your tracdelight account anymore but can get the link while browsing in your favorite online shops.

Here is how it works

Go to the Chrome Webstore here and download the plugin. Click on it and login with your tracdelight credentials.

From now on, when you are browsing on a site that can be converted into a tracking link, the plugin changes color.

If you wish to copy the link, simply click on the plugin and on the copy button


Reasons why the plugin won't be able to show a link:

  • The page your browsing is not of one of your partner shops
  • The shop doesn't support the link plugin
  • The url is not of the correct country (always use the link from your country of origin)