Did you see it yet in your account? We have created a new tool for you!

We launched the Stores in order to give you the possibility to integrate your own shop with your handpicked favorite products right on your website.

And this is how it could look like:

How to create a Store:

  • Go to "Create new Store"
  • Set a name and a title (the title will be displayed above your store)
  • If you wish, set a font and button color to match it with your sites' layout. Choose between all available Google fonts as well

Choose your products

Next you decide which products you wish to have in your shop.

  • Fill your store via the Editorial Shopping
  • Select items from one of your Favorites lists. You also have the possibility to add all products from a list at once.

Tell something about it

In your Store you can write a short text for every single product. Let your readers know which is your favorite bag at the moment or which couch is on your wishlist.
Simply click on "Click to add a description".

Integrate it into your site

Use the "easy integration" code to integrate the widget into your site.
If you already installed the Javascript Code from the Widgets in your header, please use the "optimal integration" method. You don't need to integrate the Javascript snippet again, simply copy the second line of code and paste it in your CMS.