What's a Video Gallery?

The Video Gallery tool let's you create a standalone page that includes your Youtube video and all products that you are talking about. These products are all clickable and lead directly to the according online shop - all product links are tracking links with which you will earn a commission for every purchase of your readers.
See an example Video Gallery here: http://bit.ly/290iZTU

All products can be matched to a specific time within your video. If your viewer reaches your tagged time, the product will be highlighted below. The viewer can also click on "Watch in video" and it will jump to the tagged position.

Here is how to create one

  • Click on Create new Video Gallery

  • Copy + paste the link to your Youtube video and click Upload. It will automatically use the title of the video as your Gallery title - but don't worry, you can edit it if you want to call it differently.

  • Pick the products you wish to add to your gallery by clicking on the product image

Tagging your video

  • Scroll down to Step 3 and play your video in the Gallery creator. When you reach the position where you want to tag a product, simply pause the video and click the Tag time button of the according product. Do this for as many products as you want.

  • You can also determine for how many seconds the product should be highlighted.

  • To add your own personal note to a product, click on add custom description. Enter your comment and click the save button.

  • In the advanced settings section, determine your font and button color, your font style, how many products should be displayed in one row and if you want to show the brand and price for each product or not.

  • Click on Save and show code to save your Gallery.

How to integrate you Gallery

You have two different options here:

  1. Copy the short link to your standalone Video Gallery page and paste it in the info box of your Youtube video to direct your readers to the Gallery where they can shop the products you mentioned.

  2. Copy the code of the Gallery to integrate it into a blog post on your blog.

Watch a video tutorial here