You’re writing blogposts using widgets, stores and styles that reflect your favorite looks and trends? Perfect!
But didn’t you already ask yourself once which partner shops generate the sales you get by using the tracdelight tools? We can tell: It matters what shops you choose to feature with their products and links on your blog.
Don’t miss the clicks and purchasing behavior of your readers and use links that lead to our bestselling shops which guarantee you the sales of your dreams:

Take a look at your statistics!

Here, you can always observe the clicks and counts of your users and watch out for your commission.
You can find your personal bestsellers under My tracdelight > Statistics
Please select the time frame you’re interested in (Filter) and click on show to see this overview:


Then click on the total of your users’ clicks. This is where you find the details that explain the bare numbers of your statistics:


This example represents our very good experience with About You, Edited and Zalando. These three shops currently ensure you great sales.
Please always keep in mind that the relation between the clicks and the amount of your income is very important to reflect the potential of the concerning partner shop.

In this case About You generated 380 euros out of 150 clicks. On the other hand mytheresa generated 87 euros with more than 500 clicks – which means that About You works much more effective.

Net-à-porter got twice of the clicks that reached About You – however they generated 0,00 euros. So that publishers should think about how much they want to feature shops that don’t cause any sales (for a while).
To sum it up: The sales generated by your partner shops (EUR) say a lot about your affiliate success but you still always have to survey the context of clicks, counts and sales. Sometimes it pays up when you feature partners with high commissions (like About You) and use them frequently… And maybe they will climb up your statistics right away.

Our current favorites

About You
24% commission on every count that was created by your links. That’s tracdelight exclusive! The unique cooperation will last until august 2017. So be fast and take advantage.

Edited offers you the same special deal. This means: If your user buys one jacket in the value of 150 euros you receive 36 euros on your personal account… Wow!

With Zalando you can earn 10% commission. Our secret tip: As Zalando offers a huge selection of products for sale, your users are highly driven to shop a full count. And as you already know, for you this means: pay day!

Asos equally provides 10%. This shop from the UK is very popular and especially here, your followers love to buy a pair of shoes, cosmetics and much more on top…

Just try it yourself! We wish you good luck and $$$